“Some days you win and some days you learn”

I recently heard a quote that resonated with us today. “Some days you win and some days you learn”. Well today was both for us. David had a difficult day today at the Tunnel Light Marathon. He knew at mile 19 that it was not going to be a BQ kind of day. So instead of pushing through and potentially injuring himself, he backed off a bit, and met up with me at mile 24.5. I was pushing really hard, I hurt really bad and was not sure how much harder I could push. He was a ray of sunshine when I saw him in front if me, he had amazing words of encouragement and he knew I had it in me to not only get a BQ today but a PR by over 3 minutes. He kept me motivated to the very end and despite how bad he was feeling, he focused all his attention on getting me to that finish line. He is truly the world’s best training partner, my best friend and an amazing husband and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

This race was about 2 things, training for Kona and qualifying for Boston. I was fortunate enough today that all the stars aligned, the weather was perfect, I felt good when I woke this morning, my nutrition was on target, and I didn’t have to stop at the porta-potty during the race.

David at Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon 2016

I was so tempted to stop and take a picture along the way as this course is unbelievably beautiful. Nice wide non-technical gravel trail with about 2200 feet of drop over the entire marathon. Along with the 2 mile long, pitch black, cold Snoqualmie tunnel, trees as far as the eye can see, several trestle bridges with amazing views, it is easy on the quads and makes for a super fast course.  What more could one ask for in a marathon. I highly recommend this race or even just taking a hike on the Iron Horse Trail on a nice day. There are a handful of opportunities to do this race and all are Boston certified.




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